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Uniforms are available at the school’s office at all times.


  • Our pupils are smartly dressed in their school uniforms. At all times, shirts and blouses must be tucked in and ties appropriately worn.
  • Only white socks/stocking should be worn with black shoes. Open sandals are not allowed.
  • Hair colour should be natural. Boys should have low cut while girls can weave, plait, pack long natural hair with a band or have a low cut.
  • No jewelry is allowed with school uniform except a pair of small earrings by girls. Dangling earrings are not allowed.
  • All pupils may wear wrist watches.


It is very important that parents explain why their children will be away from school either by writing or calling in before the school day starts. We are concerned when parents take children away on holiday during the term or for no justifiable reason. Prolonged and repetitive absences can disrupt a child’s education. Parents are therefore asked to discuss pre- planned or sudden trips well in advance with the Head of School.


As a school, we are committed to strengthening the bond between school, parents and children. Without the varied help provided by the parents we are sure the general life of the school would not be as rich as it is. The staff and school as a whole have a positive attitude towards parents and realize their worth in the educational process.


Admission is open to children between the age of 3 months to 10 years plus to fit into all classes. Placement shall be strictly on performance in the ability test which shall be administered on every child seeking admission. The admission form and prospectus are obtainable at the admissions department. Parents of transferred pupils will have to present the last result from the previous school.


All fees are expected to be settled within the first two weeks of resumption. Cash payment is not allowed; rather all fees should be paid into appropriate school accounts. All fees once paid are not refundable. The school ‘s board of Directors reserve the right to review school fees when it deems necessary in line with changes in costs associated with providing “ Fruitful Ville- standard” education and would normally give a full term’s notice of the new fees.