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School Activities


Non- academic experiences are on offer to pupils. Every child in the school is a member of the Literary/ debating club, Etiquette Cub and Bible Club. Other clubs which are optional are Swimming Club, Taekwondo Club, Music Club, Home makers club. All our clubs carry out exciting activities which help to showcase hidden potentials in every pupil.


  • OPEN DAY: Open day is a special day set aside in the middle of the term when parents come to the school to discuss the performance of their children with the teachers and the school management and also discuss ways in which the school and the home can work together to bring out the child’s potentials.
  • CHRISTMAS CAROL/PARTY: This holds every December at the end of the first term to celebrate the birth of Christ and also have fun with the children.
  • INTER- HOUSE SPORTS FESTIVAL: This event is held bi- annually to encourage the spirit of sportsmanship among pupils, teachers and parents. The houses in the school are red, green, purple and yellow.
  • MOTHERS DAY: It is an annual event that is held to celebrate mothers.
  • PARENTS TEACHERS FORUM: Every parent at the point of registering their children in the school automatically becomes a member. Meetings are usually held at least once in a term.
  • MONTHLY BIRTHDAY PARTY: All children born in a particular month come together to celebrate on the last Friday of every month. They bring snacks and gifts to share with their friends.
  • PARENTS ORIENTATION DAY: This holds at the beginning of each academic session to enlighten and sensitize new parents about our modus operandi as an institution of learning.
  • VALEDICTORY /MOVING- UP CEREMONY: This comes up at the close of every session. This when we reward excellence and outstanding performances. The basic six pupils are graduated into the college while the nursery two pupils are moved- up to the primary school.
  • EXCURSIONS/ SCHOOL TRIPS: We embark on school trips frequently. Major excursions are done every session in line with a particular theme for the session.


The school year runs as a session of three terms with a maximum of thirteen weeks per term. During each term, the school goes on a two-day half term break. The school observes all public and school holidays declared by the Federal and Lagos State Government.


Normal school hour begins from 8.00 am and terminates at 1.30 pm in the nursery school while it terminates by 2.30 pm in the primary school. The school management is confident of the quality on instructional content given within this period but due to the office hours of our working parents, it becomes necessary for the school to organize extra for pupils between 2.30pm and 3.30pm from Monday to Thursday. However, parents who wish to keep their children further than 4.00pm should see the school authority for arrangement regarding after- school care which cannot extend beyond 7.00pm.